Is Beyoncé Overrated?

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Whenever it's time for Beyonce to give many all over the world a show of lifetime, I always hear the words "she's so overrated" slip from someone's tongue. Yet, as I was up at 3 am this weekend getting my own life fed to me, I came to the conclusion that she is definitely getting the credit she is due. From the epic bandstand dances, to Malcom X quotes, and even to the graceful dance to the song Strange Fruit, Beyonce has given the "blackest" performance at a festival created and owned by rich white men. To quote Beyonce "Ain't that 'bout a......"

As I sat in awe watching the performance, that uniquely resembled an HBCU halftime show, I could do nothing but be proud of the fact that I am going to be attending one. Beyoncé showed out for us, giving us dazzling dance-girl tease accompanied by the unforgettable black drum major style. The band in what was supposed to be (or at least what I imagine) football stands had me snapping my fingers away. 

Let’s not forget the LOOKS served that gave us black excellence throughout history with a modern twist. You know I was overwhelmed with how the pieces were so well put together and used to symbolize our culture.

Now, let’s discuss the power this performance holds and the effect it can have on HBCUs as a whole. You know anything Beyoncé promotes, the public raves after. Whether it be a soft drink or a piece of clothing from an unknown brand. If Beyoncé shows interest, they’re after it. I just hope that this performance might’ve influenced young little girls and boys and even those around my age who are still undecided, to have a hunger for the HBCU experience. The power she exemplified on stage about us was, undeniable. Now no, I don’t want this to be the main reason someone attends an HBCU, but I would love for it to be a factor. The experience she gave simply cannot be given anywhere else; it ties in with a culture that we have created that can be imitated, but not reincarnated.  You’d have to come to a Historically Black college or University to find it, and you’d have to attend one to experience it. Those are facts that cannot be discredited. 

From the black girl magic and black boy joy on the stage from dancers, to Beyoncé’s amazing energy, to the Destiny’s child reunion (yes this is one), I don’t know if my heart can take it. Well done Beyoncé, you’ve once again made it feel so sweet to be a black girl like me seeing the first Black Woman to headline Coachella. You showed the audience filled with girls who wear cornrows like an in-trend accessory that there are more elements to our culture. 

- Ashley Lauren

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