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Updated: Jan 7, 2019

A list of October favorite's from Ashley Lauren

Every month, we come across new things that either keep our interest or end up with the same reaction we give flies swarming near our morning coffee--a swat and an eye roll. October has been a month of trial and error for me, not only with products, but with opportunities. Yet, as these trial and errors happened, I had to realize to embrace what was for me, and let go of what wasn't. Now, I figure that if you're here reading this, then you trust my judgment and take my reviews into consideration. So, with all being said, here are a few things I fell in love with this month while learning myself and my preferences .

1. Lush's "Just to Clarify" Mask

So for the longest, my skin was going through this "I'm not going to give you an easy time sis," phase for the past few months. I normally don't put any and everything on my skin, so when I do try something new, I've been persuaded that it will for sure help and not harm my skin. When I strutted into LUSH with my high shoulders and blemished face, I went to a worker and told her my problem. She lead me to this mask that helps cleanse the skin and gives you a luminous glow with its scrubby bamboo and enzymatic papaya juice. The enzymes in papaya and orange juice to dissolve away dryness to leave you glowing. It's definitely a steal.

2.ValJean Labs Replenish and Renew Masks

I've been trying to get tight on a skin-care routine and these two are essentials. I use the Hydration Gel in the morning to lock in the moisture and to help with anti-aging. I use the sleeping mask at night to rejuvenate, increase elasticity, exfoliate, and to illuminate my skin. You can get these products at your local TJ MAXX or Homegoods for about 6 dollars each. Get them before they're gone, seriously.

3. Hum Nutrition's "Glow Sweet Glow" Gummies

I'm always looking for vitamins that taste good and always get the job done. These vegan gummies help with glowing, clear skin. They cost a pretty penny, but the taste is so worth it. You can get these at your local Sephora, Amazon, or off the HUM Nutrition website.

4. Keurig mini coffee maker

I'm currently a freshman in college that's squeezing space for the things I want. This mini-coffee maker is a great addition for your desk or on top of your drawer. The plug-in cord is short, which is a downside. Yet, it's easy to move, store away, and work with. In my opinion, this is a must-buy for college students.

5. oil diffuser

Everyone needs a bit of moisture in their room at times. Oil diffusers help with that, along with giving you aroma-therapy from the essential oils you choose to add into the diffuser. They make your room smell ten times better, and bring a sense of balance and calmness into your space. You can get one at your local TJ MAXX, Home Goods, or off of Amazon for as low as twenty dollars.

6. crwn magazine

I always try to take some time out of my day to read a good book or magazine. Up and coming CRWN magazine is a great print publication for those looking for a new innovative style in magazines. The content is always fresh and appealing to black women and girls everywhere. Don't be too late in ordering a copy, they sell out quickly because it's THAT good.

7. lit brooklyn candles

I love candles so much that I have a collection in my room back home. Although all of them don't smell the same, they always have that bland look to them. I stumbled across these candles on Instagram and couldn't get enough! Their minimalist yet chic design is the perfect fit with their amazing smells. Lighting one would be a perfect way to end out your day!

I hope you all enjoyed a few of the things I've been crazy about this month! Now, I'll chat you beauties later, right now--I have a face mask to apply!

-Ashley Lauren

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