Sense and the City: A Lesson about Complacency

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Season 1, episode 1

After living in the city for half of a year, I've learned so many lessons in such a short amount of time. I've realized that DC has become one of my most memorable teachers. For a southern girl like me who was sheltered under Brahmin bags, sweet potato pie, and Alabama hospitality--the gushes of winds from rushing metro cars and unforgivable icy weather is something new. Yet, with great patience and practice, it's something that I can grow to tolerate and maybe miss when I head back home.

One of the first things I've learned in DC would be that a spirit of complacency will leave you flat on your behind like a party flyer lying in the street. There isn't enough time to stay in the same place here, because much like time--the city waits for no one. I can admit that at times in my life, I was okay with being comfortable. I was fine with staying in situations that I felt were good for me because they didn't frighten me or make my stomach drop. Little did I know, I was stunting my own growth. While I decided to stay somewhere because it was familiar and didn't test my limits, I stayed exactly where I was while everyone else rushed past me in efforts to get to their next destination.

Safe doesn't always mean beneficial

Complacency was a safety-net for me for a long period of time. I stayed complacent because I knew it would work for me. I knew I wouldn't experience failure or disappointment because I was secure in whatever I was doing. But, I had to learn that failure isn't the end, it's the beginning of something new. I had to grasp onto the fact that failure and disappointment were a part of my human experience, but didn't define who I was as a human. It is how I react to those failures that shape who I am. Throughout this school year, I watched myself change as I demanded more from myself and more from others. As I went out for opportunities that scared the living daylights out of me, I gained experience and growth that I wouldn't have gotten if I'd stood still.

I made a choice between getting swept up in the chaos of life's rush hour or flying past it to get to whatever place was made for me. I determined that I would try my hardest to adapt to the pace of the city by testing my limits and taking risks to get to my destination before anything hindered me. So, as I sip from my Vanilla Chai Latte and button up my coat for the wind and recklessness the northern days bring, I challenge you to do something that makes you uncomfortable. While you may groan and roll your eyes, remember that I'm just preparing you for this fast paced city we call life. Don't worry, you'll thank me later-- if you can catch me.

-Ashley Lauren

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