Style tip no. 1

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Let's start with something cliché, huh? How do you define your style?

Find your own voice and then go off of it, don't be scared! Your style is about you and the only person who can really judge that, is you.

“If you are afraid to take the risk of being yourself while showing who you are through your appearance then your style won't thrive like it should.”

Style is defined as a distinctive appearance typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed. We all as individuals are designed differently. We all have different perspectives on things and different tastes on various matters. In fashion, your style is defined by who you are and how you present yourself. If you are afraid to take the risk of being yourself while showing who you are through your appearance then your style won't thrive like it should.

Dare to be different & show how poppin' you really are

No one can judge you like you judge yourself! Who cares what others think? As long as YOU are comfortable and feel like you're the hottest thing out right now, YOU do YOU with NO apologies!

Alright, love! Now that We've discussed that style is centered around you and your feeling, which of the styles that I've listed below are you feelin'? Let me know in the comments!


You prefer the creative side of fashion, something that is unique and shows your artistic interests. I see you with your bright, artistic, fit on babe! You'd better rock it!


You can be seen rocking the latest trends and riding fashion waves. Let me be the first to say that you may not have worn it first, but you're wearing it better, babe!


You don't grab the tangerine fringe top off the rack in Zara, you love to stay in your comfort zone and slay at the same time.


You're all about the crazy prints and styles, you love putting together items that no one else would think of. You wear this boldness well. (oh Look, it's me)


You're a "brick-house". You can been seen wearing things that show off your killer curves, such as body con dresses, miniskirts, minidresses; the list could go on. Nobody's mad at you girl! They always say if you kept it, flaunt it !


You love showing off your style with cute a blouses and varsity sweaters layered on button down polos. You know, the girl who always looks like she's going to class in the movies, but doesn't ? Your looks screams student with a sprinkle of posh.


Sleek and stellar are in your vocabulary, girl! You love everything glamorous and flashy in your closet. You'll even go to the grocery store in a pair of heels. (Oh look, it's me)

Girl next door.

Simplicity is key! This look isn't too complicated nor is it too simple either. You love to look girly and comfortable.


Can you say Edgy? You love your leather studded jackets, creepers, and 

chains. I mean come on, who doesn't love a good grunge look?


  Google "Sporty Spice", and there is your example. Im kidding, you're totally chill with a cute adidas track suit, some tights, or a the workout gear you just cashed out on. You love your sweatpants and basic tees.

Out of everything I've stated, which one are you?

- Ashley Lauren

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