Trap music and fine dining: The best places to eat in Birmingham

I know you've had that one moment when your mouth starts to water, your stomach touches your back, and all you can hear is the constant grumbles of "girl I'm hungry" erupting from your belly. You look around the area you're in, wondering about a good spot to pop a seat and fill your face. Yet, you go blank. You don't know where to go or what you're hungry for. You don't know whether to choose from Southern soul food cuisine, bougie light portioned meals sprinkled with your wallet's tears, or the best chicken wings in the state. Here's where I come in with my cape to save the day (and your stomach) by presenting some of my favorite spots to catch a great bite. I've even linked a playlist, because what would a great eating experience be without a song to chow down to? I've put a modern twist on my playlist; instead of adding boring elevator music to your table, I've got a trap playlist to set a lit mood for one of the best times of the day.

1. Yo' Mama's

This is one of my favorite places to kick back, relax, and pretend like I'm in the theme song of the proud family. You know, that scene where Oscar is fixing himself some chicken and waffles for breakfast? This urban spot will have you thinking you're eating a plate straight from mama's kitchen. This is somewhere to stop by when you're unsure of what you want, but know you're in the mood for some good ole' soul food. They can give you that shrimp n' grits, hot wings, barbecue burger, or regular schmegular chicken plate you've been looking for. Yet, make it there early enough before it closes, doors shut tight at 2:30 pm.

2. Miami Fusion Cafe

Now I love stopping by this spot when I need a good fix of Caribbean Jerk Chicken with some red beans and rice, or have an undeniable sweet tooth for some Flan. This cafe will have you feeling on top the world with its great dishes and pleasant customer service. From the second I walk into this restaurant, I'm always greeted politely and treated like family even after finishing up my meal. I'm jamming along with the music playing on the radio while stuffing my face in glee. If you're craving Caribbean Fusion cuisine, I suggest you head right over to this spot before it closes at 3:00 pm.

3. Sweet Jon's Cafe

This one is for all my organic sisters with a love for pretty interiors. This place is filled with all the "aesthetic" foods you'd see scrolling down Tumblr. The menu has vegan, vegetarian, and even gluten free items that you'll love. What makes this place stand out to me is that it's every blogger's dream for food content. I feel like the menu, way the food is presented, and the greenery placed all around inside is what sets it apart from the rest of the places in Birmingham. Let this spot awaken your inner "bougie black girl."

4. Taco Mama

This restaurant has been raving with customers from my timeline for weeks. Every Instagram story I've clicked on has been a tasty looking boomerang of Taco Mama that's left me in a daze longing for tacos and sunlight. This is the place for you if you're craving some great authentic Mexican food or want to take some time out to build your own taco, enchilada, burrito bowl, or nachos. The prices are very affordable and they even have the huge Mexican coke bottles on hand for drinks. This restaurant is a must!

5. Hattie B's

This restaurant is known for their "hot" fried chicken. It always makes me think of someone's grandmother coming with the heat while preparing Sunday dinner. This food joint will have you closing your eyes and groaning while thinking about how blessed you are to witness a meal like this. The portions of chicken are huge, and worth the coin you spend. They come in different levels of "spiciness"; I prefer the hot option over anything else. The collard greens and Pimento mac and cheese are to die for. Don't skip this spot when your stomach is talking to you; you'll thank me later.

6. The Southern Kitchen& bar

The Southern Kitchen has always been one of my favorite restaurants to go to with my friends. It's affordable, lively, and just downright good. The first time I was introduced to this place left me stuck on it forever. Southern cuisine is served daily with a modern twist. Their honey jalapeño fries are one of the many things that makes them special and keeps me coming back for more. Head over to this spot for a great meal with a southern touch.

7. Pies and Pints

This is a great restaurant for a family or friends night out. The energy allows you to laugh loudly, joke around, and be yourself. You and your friends can build your own pizza with amazing appetizers on the menu. It's affordable and the pizza will leave your mouth watering. The service is great and your meal doesn't take an awful long time to make; so your food will be out in no time. Head over to this spot if you're looking for a great place to let loose when you're hungry.

8. Zatie's

This spot is good if you're craving a quick home cooked meal. The taste will have you feeling right at home, and the service is awesome! Head over to Zatie's if you're looking for a soul-food joint that'll give you the feel of Baptist church cooking mixed with grandma's hand in the kitchen. My favorite dish would have to be the unforgettable chicken and waffles! Go ahead and get yourself a seat.

9. City Bowls

City Bowls is good for an on the go breakfast meal, or a spot for a quick and healthy snack. These cute snack bowls will definitely leave you wanting more. This is another place for my organic babes looking for a fix of fresh fruit and protein during their busy day. They have a store along with a food truck that comes to Railroad park during different days of the week. This is for those who find themselves hungry, but not in the mood for a full meal.

10. Octane

Octane has to be, by far, one of my favorite coffee shops throughout High School. I'd go there with my friends for a study group, or just to hang out after school. We'd sit for hours and not a soul would bother us. Don't get me started on their coffee; it's tasty and affordable. My favorite would be the Vanilla Chai Latte, something I'd never get tired of drinking. This coffee shop has a great atmosphere along with an amazing taste. Visit this spot when you're in the need for a quick cup of morning coffee or a breakfast muffin.

Disclaimer: These are not my images.

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Well, there you have it. I've given you ten amazing food places to check out. It's now up to you what you do with the information I've graciously given you. Now go out, eat up, and have a great time while doing it. Enjoy!

-Ashley Lauren

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