We All Need a Push

Updated: Jan 7, 2019

Sometimes we need that push, or person, that makes us suck up our excuses and make things happen.

Image: Grown-ish

This semester I tried to be the girl that #getsherstufftogether. I'd order my Grande Starbucks Chai Latte, sit with my pink planner in my hand, have my pen on deck, my playlist on blast, and come up with nothing. I'd leave with a frown, constantly telling myself that I wasn't inspired, and that's why I wasn't coming up with any content. Yet, there comes a time where you have to stop making excuses for yourself. You have to stop repeating the same old story to ease the guilt like some sort of mantra. You have to stop blaming everyone and everything but yourself.

"I was expecting change from everyone and everything else except myself. "

I wasn't inspired because I wasn't trying to be. I was being too lazy to work for what I wanted, and I'm okay with admitting that. I'm at a point in my life where I can take accountability for my irresponsibilities and try to right those wrongs while writing those wrongs (you get it?) I was expecting change from everyone and everything else except myself. I'm sharing this because I'm sure we all have those moments where we board the "brain plane," a flight where we brush off our responsibilities because they may seem like too much. We tend to cover this up by having multiple "self-care" days that are filled with nothing but slacking off. While I am an advocate for self-care, there is a difference from taking a mental break and just plain old checking-out.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want anyone who was, or is, slacking like I was to get yourself together. Get up off your butt and make time for the things that you claim are important to you. This is my"love-push" to you. Sometimes we need a jump-start, it's totally normal because we do burn out. But, what you decide to do with the energy that someone is trying to give you is completely up to you.

I was in a place of idleness a few days ago, until I got my push from both my mother and mentor. Those two ladies were the only people to tell it to me straight--wrapped in a tad bit of sugar to not make me feel too bad about myself. They told me that I have to make space for the things that are important to me. I have to make space to learn about those things, grow those things, and grow with those things. While they heard me out on my "uninspired" excuse, they wasted no time in shooting it down either. There's inspiration in everything; I just had to take the time to actually think about and make something of what that would be.

While I'm still trying to learn the ways of constructive criticism, I noted their suggestions and took their advice. Now, I'm devoting back my time to doing what I love. In summary of all my babbling, I'm saying that there will be times where you can't find yourself giving that joy and energy to the things you love, because you're stuck. Yet, even though it may seem hard to get back on track, it is possible. You just have to tap into that feeling you get every time you did what you love and use that as a motivation to keep going. Take what you enjoy and think of it as a garden. You can't reap a good harvest if you don't nurture what you started out with, can you? Nothing will grow if you don't put the time and passion it requires. Have enough discipline to cultivate that garden, and reap the harvest you deserve.

-Ashley Lauren

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