Why I blocked "The Shade Room" in 2019

Step 1-Unfollowing

I bet you all know the infamous blog-- keeping you updated on all things shady with a sprinkle of real news to keep you checking their page for more. Amassing 14.7 million followers on the gram, The Shade Room has been known as the place to get your daily dose of celebr-tea. Since it became a thing, I would tune in, getting my dose while sipping on my cup of freshly brewed Earl Grey.

At the time it was entertaining--checking in to see who did what, who wore what, and who said something stupid this week. I mean, whenever something happened I'd check the page to see if they'd posted it and scroll for days in the comment section. But, after a while it got draining.

I started to realize that nothing good comes from that page--nothing positive at all. Yes you have a sprinkle of the success of someone from a local city, but it would be drenched with negative comments from people who had nothing better to do or nothing nice to say and. I found it ridiculous to scroll down pages of drama, wasting my time doing nothing productive. It's interesting until it happens to you or someone you know. It's entertaining until you look at these people like the humans they are. It's fun until you grow up and ask yourself "what's the point of all this, anyway?" So, I unfollowed them; that was the first step.

Step 2- Blocking it out completely

While I did unfollow the page, that didn't stop the urges from wanting to type their name in the search bar to see what had been posted. It was an ongoing battle between typing and backspacing, I had to stop it somehow. So, on January 1st of 2019, I blocked The Shade Room while also promising myself not to feed into any negativity this year. Of course I know that the world isn't all Chai Latte's, aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds, and brunches full of chicken and waffles--but why feed into the things that weren't (it's a metaphor) ? It wasn't helping me grow as a person, it didn't send me checks, and it certainly doesn't gift me with anything. While I should be aware that negativity is a thing, why feed it my energy so it could continue to thrive? I knew my one follow count less wouldn't affect The Shade Room, but despite that I knew it would bring about a change in myself.

So here I am, sipping my Earl Grey tea in the mornings while minding my own business and chasing a bag (chasing a check for all my readers who haven't caught on to modern day colloquialisms)--it serves as a better way to spend my energy and time, doesn't it?

-Ashley Lauren

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